Documents Acquisition and Condo Project Review for Lenders

Rexera Documents Acquisition

We give back time to underwriters by acquiring all HOA, Condo, and Co-op documents so you can close more transactions and create happier outcomes for their clients. All we need is the property address and the closing date, and you no longer have to wait for sellers to fill in lengthy forms. We make sure the HOA fill in everything in your condo questionnaire correctly and on time.

Rexera Condo Project Review

We complement the Documents Acquisition product with a fully warranted project review so you can focus on doing what they do best and offer a superior customer experience.

Our Review highlights potential Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Federal Housing Administration, and other investor eligibility issues hidden in hundreds of pages of condo documents.

You get 1 FREE order to try our Condo Project Review

    Condo Documents Acquisition

    Collecting and analyzing the documents takes time and effort, especially when they aren’t standardized.

    Our platform uses advanced machine learning combined with the biggest HOA & Condo database on the market to acquire all HOA, Condo, and Co-op documents you need. We reach out to HOAs and make sure they fill in the condo questionnaire.

    Going a step further, our algorithm extracts all the useful information from the condo questionnaire, standardizes and summarizes it, making all association documents look the same to underwriters.  

    Documents we acquire

    • Condo/Lender Questionnaire
    • Demand letter (Status letter)
    • CIC documents
    • CC&Rs
    • Rules and Regulations
    • Resale certificate (Estoppel)
    • Bylaws
    • Financials
    • Reserve Studies
    • Covenants
    • Meeting minutes
    • Insurance Certificate
    • Architectural guidelines
    • And anything else you need, including custom documents

    Condo Project Review

    Condo project approvals are one of the most frustrating parts of real estate closings. They present manual work, lots of time wasted on chasing data and different parties, and ultimately create risks and delays in the lending process.

    Rexera makes this process easy for underwriters by offering a one-stop platform that providers underwriters with condo project approvals nationwide.

    Our AI algorithms, supported by a team of real estate professionals, create a one-page, standardized and underwriter-friendly summary of approval/denial, so you never have to go through hundreds of pages of documents again.

    Each approval comes with a comprehensive analysis highlighting to underwriters potential Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Federal Housing Administration, Department of Veterans Affairs and other investor eligibility issues.

    Throughout the whole process, our best-in-class customer service makes you feel in control of the transaction, making your deadlines our deadlines.


    Our superpowers

    • Largest HOA and Condo database in the world
    • Simple, one step process cutting down the clear-to-close timeline by 40%
    • National coverage
    • Lightspeed response time
    • Higher accuracy and no delayed transactions
    • Exceptional communication
    • 100% documents delivered on time
    • Customizable Client Portal
    • Increase in NPS scores and improved employee engagement
    • API, Integrations, Auto-ordering
    • 100% Transparency
    • E&O Insurance of $2mm

    Questions we hear frequently


    Can you do spot approvals (FHA Review)?
    We can provide the approval. Please note that the DE UW on the file will have to sign it.

    Can you process new construction and foreclosures?

    Do you provide a warranty?
    We provide a warranty which extends to incorrect information processing.

    Can you use lender-specific condo questionnaire forms?
    Yes, we can!

    What happens when you redeem your 2 lender reviews

    Our free trial gives you a taste of our platform and the exact results what you would get when using our product


    Our representative will contact you to confirm your details and give you a lender platform tour so that you can enjoy its full capabilities. You will have the same access level as our clients and will be able to understand whether our lender review platform is the right choice for you.

    Submit 2 orders

    Now you have 2 completely free orders. This means we will acquire, analyze, and send you 2 processed orders of condo documents along with one-page reports on the key project information for free, with no strings attached. 

    After the trial

    After we deliver your 2 condo project review orders, you can decide whether you would like to continue our partnership. We will walk you through our pricing and integration options to ensure you get the most out of our product. 

    What our clients say about us?
    Katie Zorn, Ambassador, Hankin & Pack
    linked website
    I couldn't do my job without you
    You all rock! Seriously. I do see all the hard work you guys do. This job isn't easy. I couldn't do my job without you guys so I mean it when I say YOU ROCK!
    Katie Zorn, Ambassador, Hankin & Pack
    Lori, Escrow Support Supervisor
    A huge win for us
    "Your team discovered the lien and let us know so we were able to get the payoff statement. We were also able to revisit the research and find the recorded lien.

    This is a huge win for us – so THANK YOU for all you do!"
    Lori, Escrow Support Supervisor
    Brad Honn, Senior Director of Escrow and Title Operations, Homeward
    linked website
    Worry-free closings
    “As we all know, HOA issues can really blow up and cause a lot of problems for closing. So it helps us all sleep better knowing that there is not going to be a problem, or anything we forgot on the order, or an update that we forgot to complete before closing the transaction. Because we have a great partner Rexera (formerly InspectHOA), making sure that those things don’t happen to us.”
    Brad Honn, Senior Director of Escrow and Title Operations, Homeward
    Kacie McAteer, Vice President, Ideal Title Agency
    linked website
    They always go the extra mile
    "Rexera (formerly InspectHOA) is simply above the rest when it comes to our HOA needs. Their portal is perfect, their communication is constant, and they always go the extra mile in order to meet our deadlines and impress our customers. I would highly recommend them to everyone in the title insurance industry. Thank you Rexera for all that you do!"
    Kacie McAteer, Vice President, Ideal Title Agency
    Diana Casella, Ideal Title
    A vendor that cares
    "We’ve only been working with you all for a little while, but so far my team is singing nothing but praise and relief at finally having a Vendor that cares about these files as much as we do. "
    Diana Casella, Ideal Title
    Michelle Rose, Partner, Closing Day Settlements
    linked website
    Number #1 for efficiency
    "I highly Recommend Marina Hubenova and sending all orders to Rexera (formerly InspectHOA). I love sending all my orders through their client portal or in Qualia. They are number #1 with efficiency and detailed reports. I never think twice on placing my orders with them. "
    Michelle Rose, Partner, Closing Day Settlements
    Shawna Hernandez, Chief Operating Officer, Endpoint
    linked website
    A partner for innovation
    "We are constantly tweaking and refining our processes, so we needed a reliable partner that would go along this journey with us. And Rexera (formerly InspectHOA) is exactly that."
    Shawna Hernandez, Chief Operating Officer, Endpoint
    Cristina Sadler, Escrow Officer, TransCounty
    linked website
    A way to take back control
    “I was worried the job wouldn’t get done, but it always gets done! It’s worth it; it’s beyond worth it!"
    Cristina Sadler, Escrow Officer, TransCounty
    Scott Young, EasyKnock
    linked website
    A solution to a historical problem
    "Rexera (formerly InspectHOA) has been an instrumental partner in mitigating risk and creating efficiencies in our acquisition process. They are the solution to a historical problem that title companies and other vendors face in every transaction."
    Scott Young, EasyKnock
    Melissa Daniels, CEO, Emerald National Title
    linked website
    Going above and beyond
    “Why does a closing have to feel like a transaction? At Emerald National Title, our vision is to create a customized experience with a dedicated closing officer. So when a closing goes sideways, and you have a partner like Rexera that sends someone to the HOA office in person to help resolve the issue, that is a partner that understands that buying a home is personal, not a transaction. That is an example of Rexera going above and beyond that directly supports the vision for my business.”
    Melissa Daniels, CEO, Emerald National Title
    You will hear from us soon